Monday, July 19, 2010

Kimberly's New Haircut.......That she started.........

Yesterday Kimberly asked me if she could finish coloring her picture that she got in Primary and I said, "Sure." Well I got the crayon box down and there were some kids scissors in the box. I didn't think anything of it, but then about 20 minutes later Levi comes up to me and I can see that he cut a little bit of his hair, but it wasn't bad. I told him that he should cut his hair and that he needed to give me the scissors. He pipes up to say, "We'll Mom, Kimberly cut her hair too." So I go over to Kimberly and at first I can't tell that she cut it, until I look at the other side. She had chopped it clear up to her ear! Glen and I got after her a little bit and I ended up finishing the job the best that I could. So here are some pictures of before and after. I think that in the end it turned out really cute on her. Maybe it was time to cut her hair, since she has never had a hair cut and she is almost 5. We all have a story to tell and this one is Kimberly's. :)

Welcome Baby Samuel!!

Tom and Melissa had there baby boy on Friday July 16, 2010 at around 12:45 pm. He weighed 9lb 7oz. and was 21 inches long. Glen , the kids I went to see him on Friday evening and to visit with the new parents. Samuel is so CUTE!! I can see both Tom and Melissa in him. Holding him reminded me of holding Kimberly when she was born, because they were about the same size just 5oz. off on the weight. We had a nice visit and we were able to met our new nephew and the kids got to see their new baby cousin. Now my kids keep asking me when are we going to get a little brother or little sister? We'll see :) We couldn't be happier for Tom and Melissa!! Congratulations you two!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Raised Garden Beds

Welcoming Wrangler Jarom Purnell

I know that this post is long over due, but I had to post this event. So my sister-in-law Corinne and brother-in-law Jarom have tried for many years to have a child and last October they announced that they were expecting. We were so excited for them, well on May 22nd Wrangler came into the world. Mom and baby are doing well and both Jarom and Corinne couldn't be happier. We are so excited for them copuldn't be happier for them and their new sweet little baby!!

Mom's Birthday

My 27th Birthday was really good. I started out the day with my sister-in-law Emily and my niece Abby singing me the Happy Birthday song at my front door when Abby got dropped off in the morning. Emily also made me cupcakes! Yummo! I then was able to visit with different friends throughout the day and later in the evening my Mom came over and watched the kids for Glen and I so that we could go out. All in all I had a Great Day!

Father's and Son's 2010

In the middle of May Glen, Levi and Alex went together on a Father's and Son's camp out up in the Owyhee Mountains in Oregon. They had a blast and Levi caught his very first fish. Needless to say he was very excited, Alex caught his second fish and Glen caught a couple as well. Here are a few photo's of the fun time that they had. Going Boating

Lady Bug Arts and Crafts

Here is a LadyBug Art and Craft that the kids did in May. They Love to Paint!

Play Time at the Park!!! YAY!!

Life gets pretty busy here at the Purnell house hold and when I have time, as well as room in my car (when I don't have more than 3 kids) I like to take the chance to take the kids to the park to get out and play. Here was a day that I took Kimberly, Levi and my niece Abby. There are not a lot of picture but they had FUN!


A few weeks ago I was getting ready to start my studying during the kids quite time and as I looked over at the door I saw a pile of shoes. Not just my shoes, but the shoes of my kids and the kids that I watch every week. As I looked at the pile I realized that the only pair of adult shoes in the stack were mine and needless to say they were a pair of my heels. Hence my daily life as a Wife, Mother, Childcare Provider, Student and a Woman! Could it get an better! :)

Time to Catch UP!! Mother's Day 2010

I had a Wonderful Mother's Day! Glen and the kids made me breakfast in bed, Kimberly and Levi made me some YUMMY jewelery in their Sunday School class and after church we were able to go over to my Mom and Dad's and talk to Stephen who is serving a mission in Honduras and will be home this September.