Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food Storage

For family night this passed monday we talked about food stoage and the importance of having a food storage. I had gone to the store with Kimberly and Levi to get the start of it, and then displayed it on the counter for the kids to see. We had a good time and are now are our way to starting our food storage. Yay!

Broken Toe

So the other weekend I went to the Post Office to Mail an Envelope and I ran inside,opened the first door really quick to see if anyone was at the front for me to mail the package, saw through the glass window that their was someone there, turned to go back to my car to get my belongings and on my way out my toe hit or got caught on the door jam or the door and broke my toe. I wasn't quite sure if it was broke or just popped out of joint, but Glen took me to the hosiptal and it was definately broken. Ya, fun stuff, eh.... It's wierd though because even though it was broken it didn't hardly swell or bruise.