Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! So last night was our annual Halloween party!!! It was so much fun!!! Glen was out getting the horses ready to take them hunting today with my brother Allan and my brothers boss and ended up getting there a little bit late for the party. (By the way YOU OWE ME FOR THAT BABE!!) But he was able to come by and bring the horses to show the kids. We did a pinyta for all of the kiddo's, had the kids put together "Dirt and Worms", petting the horses, played a mini game of "Fear Factor" , ate lots of Yummy Food, took some fun pictures, and had a really nice time visting with everyone. Thank you to everyone who was able to come, it definately makes it a great party when you all are there, also thanks to everyone who brought something and help out with prep and clean up. We appreciate it very much and LOVE you ALL! :) Those of you who weren't able to come last night were missed, but there will be next years ;) There are a TON of pics, so I won't comment on everyone, but enjoy,and ............................. Have a fun and safe Halloween! The group photo of everyone. Petting the Horses... Pinyta Time! It was a Blast to watch the kids with the Pinyta :) CANDY......!!!!!!! PRIZES.....!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! Hahaha... Love it Donny! Mr. Mafia and Mrs. Gorilla and going to brawl.... Nice Guys! Allan, Emily, and Abby as a Baker, Pinocchio, and Cindy Lu from the Who's in WhoVille. Emily really was a baker that night in helping me with everything!!! THANKS SO MUCH EMILY.....LOVE YA!!! Loved the outfit Allan... my brother wears that sometimes when he plays with his band in shows a propt. Abby as cute as ever. Katie, Dennis and their kids dressed as Cowgirl, Cowboys and their Little Monster!! I'm so glad you guys came, it was a lot of fun!! Corinne and Jarom as the "Swine Flu" She thought of the idea and made the customes! Love it Very Creative!! Shem and Reilly as the "Newly Weds" (You probably noticed them making out in the group, eh..... you guys ;) Tom as the Muffia, loved it I almost got that same custome for Glen and I. You looked pretty tight man!Mom as A Halloween Butterfly, she did a great job painting her face.Ann as a Pink Gorilla...hillarious...loved it girl! Alex as the Dark Force.....Dun Dun dun... pretty spooky....So fun you guys looked Great! Glen and I were our own versions of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann for Pirates and the Carribean. Donny Ashley from China Town (They actually got their outfits from China, when they when up to visit her parents for a couple weeks this summer, loved the customes you guys!!! ;) Nice Allan.... Fear Factor Time! (Mini Fear Factor) What we did was divide up into two teams and two players from each team had to get the gummie worms and gummie rings out of the tin pan filled with whipped topping, the team that got the most in their cups in 40 seconds, won. Which was Team 2! Alex and Corinne won the prizes in their team, good job guys! I have to say that was fun to watch!

Early Trick or Treating

Emily invited, Ann, my kids, and I to go with her and Abby Trick or Treating at her work. The kids went from desk to desk trick or treating. The hallowwen buckets were full right to the top by the time they were done. They loved it and had so much fun! Thanks Emily for having us come! First stop.... Kimmi sharing candy with Levi. Abby was Cinda Lu from Who Vile.....she's so cute. She keep on taking off her head band and this is a photo of Emily putting it back on. I love the photo and think it's darling! Who's desk is next....

Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch

A few weekends ago I took the kids and we went out to Linder Farms Pumkin Patch. Glen was over at his Uncle Davids place doing some work and wasn't able to go, but we did not got alone we ended up picking up Ann and Alex and having them come to join in the fun! We meet up with Allan, Emily, Abby, Alyssa, Kristin, Zachery, Janette, Dustin and their kids, and Merlayn later on during the night. It was a lot of fun to met up with them :) We first started by going to the petting zoo that they had there. The kids loved seeing the animals. Next we went on a trackor pulled hay ride out to the pumkin fields where we got off and started the hunt for the pumpkins. There were all sorts of different pumpkins, red ones, little one, bumpy warted lookin ones, blueish green ones, white ones and of course orange ones. The kids love being out there picking out their pumpkins, however it was FREEZING that day, but they still had fun. After getting our pumpkins we got some hot coco to warm us up. That's when we met up with the rest of the group Allan, Emily and her sisters. We took the kids back to the petting zoo, where they feed the animals. The whole time we were there Levi insisted on going on the truck pulled barrel cow ride. He would say, "Mom, Mom, Mom, can we go on it now, can we, can we?" I love how kids can be so excited at times, even though sometimes it can be overwhelming, ha... that where patiences comes in ;) At the end of the night he was able to go on the cow barrel train with his sister, cousins and friends. Kimmi and Levi had so much fun. At night time for their prayers or when they are saying the family prayer Kimmi and Levi both say in the parayer,"And thank you we could go to the pumpkin patch, and go on rides, and thank you that Antie Ann and Alex and Uncle Allan and Aunt Emily and Abby could go. Thank you we could get pumpkins and that we could go on rides." Still after a few weeks they are still talking about it. They had a blast! After the pumking patch we went back to my dad had hot soup and then met up with Glen at his Uncle Davids for a bon fire and smores. All and all it was a fun memoriable night. My camera lost battery power right after Alex's picture or there would have been alot more photo's, but here are the ones that I got. Even with these photo's I suprised that I was able to get any because when we first got there I went to take pictures and it would shut off and tell me to change the battery pack. I keep turning it on and it would let me take a picture here and there and then the battery died. But hey I was able to get a few ;) The Kiddo's right before the hunt! Alex helping Levi across the little ditch. I love my nephew he is so fun and such a sweet heart. Percious Photo.... Levi and his first pumpkin that he picked up. When he saw the blueish green ones he changed his mind on the first pumpkin he picked up. He wanted a BLUE one ;) Alex and his pumpking..... it was a little bit heavy, but he's a tough one. Our group of pumpkins that we brought home with us.

Carmen and Ryan's Baby's Blessing

The first weekend in October we were able to go down to Utah for a super quick trip to see Carmen and Ryan's baby be blessed. It was fun to see the family. Their little baby James is so cute and such a good baby! We are happy for you guys! Little James Carmen, Ryan and James The men who helped particapte in the blessing.