Friday, September 14, 2012's TIME to catch up!!

So the last few weeks I have thought, "Man I really need to get on to my blog and post some's been way to long!! I came on here today and saw that the last time that I got on here to post anything was back in April of this year and this was my post, Exciting Time...!! It's been a while since I posted anything on here." and that was it.... I just laughed when I saw that...thinking to myself.... seriously that was pretty lame. Ahaha well at least I made an attempt...right!?  
We have had quite a few important events happen in our families life that I would be sad  if I didn't record here we go.....
The first big event that has happened was that Glen graduate on May 12th 2012 from Boise State University with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering!!! This accomplishment for Glen and our family is huge!!!!! Glen has work many years....YES YEARS to obtain his degree. Our wedding anniversary is this October and we will be married for 9 years and yep I'm sure you guessed it he has been going to BSU the WHOLE TIME....with exception to maybe taking a semester here and there off...2 or 3....but still you get the picture that is a LONG....VERY LONG road to travel down. Never the less he made it....we made it as a family. There were some years that were a struggle. (I'll get to some of those struggles in a future post, because I believe they need to be recorded.) What's life with out a little struggle, right :) However we are thankful for those struggles because they make us who we are today and what we want to become to better ourselves for tomorrow.

Glen's Graduation Day couldn't of been more perfect....seriously May 12 was a day of pure joy for Glen, myself and the kids. We woke up went to graduation, Glen walked the line (Seriously such a Proud and Emotional moment for him and myself...well maybe the emotional part was more me...but that's tears were tears of JOY!!) we met up afterwards to take pictures right outside the Taco Bell Arena and then went home to change and go celebrate at Settlers Park for a family BBQ. Reilly and I planned out a graduation party a couple months before Glen and Shem's graduation and the party went really well! Jim, Wendy, Jenny, Dayna, Corinne, Wrangler and Harlynn came down for Cardston Alberta  from Canada.  What helped to make the day special was that Glen had so many family and a few close friends there to support him in his accomplishment.

Another thing that made it a unique and special day was that Glen was graduating with his younger brother Shem who graduated in Electrical Engineering.  The afternoon and evening were filled with celebration, great food and excellent company. We ended the night with Kimberly and Levi swimming at the pool at grandma and grandpa Purnell's hotel and then coming back to our place to chocolate fondue and a movie.

Even though Glen graduating took as long as it did I wouldn't change a thing, it was all worth it! OH.... WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!