Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Night at Shankz

A couple of weeks ago we went as a family to Shankz minature golf, and met up Jarom, Corinne, and Andre'. Andre' is our brother-in-laws (Harum) brother. He was here for a few days visiting with Jarom and Corinne, but is in the states visiting for a few months from Switzerland. We all had a really fun time, and went to Fuddruckers after wards for burgers, fries and shakes. Yum!! Time for some FUN! We're ready lets go play....they were so excited. Auntie Corinne and Kiddo's... Ahhhhhhh!!! Andre' Harum's brother...hole in one..... Having FUN!! Cheese! RRRRRrrrrr Mate!!! They had some really cool paintings on the wall. Nice... Dinasor Land ahhhhh...... Watch Out!