Monday, May 26, 2008

Mothers & Sons Day at Zoo Boise

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Shower and Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Tom, Happy Birthday toooo Youuuuu!

Happy Birthday Tom!

Friday was Tom's Birthday and those of us that could make it went out to eat at Goodwood BBQ, it was yummy! After dinner we all went back to Mom and Dad's house and had cake and ice cream. It was Tom's 29th birthday.

Tom I'll tell ya, your a Great Big Brother. Your thoughtful, loving, caring and kind. I hope that your birthday was a fun one, I love ya!

Mommy to be!

Gifts for little Dash

Mommy got some to, K Nicole now you've got to paint those toes. Tell ya what, we'll have a girls night out do some pedicures and I'll do it for ya. :)

Corinne and I got together and threw a baby shower for Nicole on Saturday, also with the help of her mom, Thanks Elaine!:) We were going to throw it outside at Nicole church, but it was so hot that we changed it to inside. Which was a good thing because it got to be above 90 degrees. We were able to visit with friends, play a memory matching game, and eat good food. It was fun throwing a shower for Nicole with Corinne. Congratulations Nicole and Ryan!!

Marci & Lynn's Wedding Reception

Sammie's the culprit in decorating the car! :)

The Cake

Grandma dancing with Levi :)

So the week after Marci and Lynn's wedding we packed back up in the car to go back down to Utah for their reception. It was a nice trip. The night before we arrived Cinda, Shana, Carmen, Mom, Jenni, and Dayna (and the boys?) went to the church to decorate. Cinda was in charge of it all and she did a great job! Way to go Cinda! I ended up doing Marci & Lynn's cake, it was alot of fun putting it together for them, I was happy to do it! :) So by the end of the night Carmen, Ryan, and I went to get things to decorate their apartment, lets just say that it was an advanture getting some of the things. haha Sorry I don't have any pictures. We put rose petals of the floor leading them through out the house, filled the bath tub with water, bubble bath & put rose petals on top. We put rose petal on their bed, and candels by the side on a night stand, and a basket of chocolate, cider, glasses, bubble bath, mints, candle, and other fun goodies for them on their table. It was a fun and event full weekend. On Sunday we had an Amazing family dinner,it was yummy! Thanks Wendy!AKA Mom:) Then we watch Marci and Lynn open their gifts, before we left Jim (AKA Dad) wanted to get a four generation picture, which turned out to be a really good picture. We love you all and had a great time. Congratualtions again Marci and Lynn! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Four Generations

Glen's Dad Jim wanted to get a four Generation photo of Grandpa Purnell, himself (Dad), Glen and Levi. Of course they had to take one with Kimberly too.:)

Monday, May 12, 2008