Sunday, November 1, 2009

4 Generation Photo's

While we were over at my Grandma's house,we took some four generation photo's with my Grandma Maisey, My Mom, My Self, and My Kids. It's funny because on the way driving over I thought that we should take a 4 generation photo and then my Uncle Wade mentioned, "Hey, why don't you guys sit close together and get a 4 generation photo." Two great minds think alike! Thanks Wade for taking our photo! I absolutely LOVE these Ladies, my Little Lady and my Buck!!! They are all very special to me.

Trick or Treating

Last night I ended up taking the kids trick or treating around our neighborhood. When we went around to the houses with their lights on I introduced myself to my neighbors. It seems like with how busy life gets that we don't really get to know those individuals and families that are right next door. After living in our house from almost five years it's about time to let them know that we are their neighbors. After hitting our neighborhood we went up to my mom's neighborhood, hit a couple of houses and then went over to my Grandma Maisey's house to visit with her and my Uncle Wade. Wade had gone to RcWilley to get a couple of Halloween decorations and one of them was a skeleton mummy character that Levi wouldn't go near because when you would clap or make a loud noise it would move and make scary noises. However by the end of the night Wade had convinced him that the skeleton was his buddy. Kimmi and Levi ended up taking turns clapping to make it go on and would laugh every time. ;) So fun! It was a fun night and has definitely been a festive month. Enjoy the photo's! Spiderman!!! Snow White and Spiderman right before trick or treating.... Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd's house (My Parents) Alex getting the door.....he wasn't able to go trick or treating this year because he was feeling the greatest, we ended up leaving him some candy since he wasn't able to go. Grandma Maisey's house. Wade, Grandma Maisey, Mom, Kimmi, Levi and I OOooooooow!! Wade being goofy as a Ghost..... Levi not wanting to go near the skeleton..... Grandma Maisey showing him that it's just fake, that it's okay and not to be scared. Ummmm ....... I don't think so! He didn't know what to think. Maybe it's not so bad after all..... Kimmi loved the skeleton, she thought it was funny when he went off! He's my buddy now!