Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Lloyd Family reunion pics 2008

Kimmy with her Uncle Donny

Kimmy with cousin Jen playing in the sand.

Glen, Buckaroo, Me, and Kimmy

Kimberly right after her Rocket(in Hand) was shot up in the air. She was so excited to see it fly!!

Sisterly love! :)

Lloyd Reunion "08"

Nature Trial walk, the kids had a crayon and they were supposed to find something in nature that was the same color of their crayon.

It's always nice to have a nap. ;)

The Purnell family on the lake, we were lucky not to tip. Others though weren't so lucky :0/ :)

And then there was girls camp!

Cheryl, LaNae, and I

Tessa, Katie, Chrissie, and DL

Our shirt, Katie you did a Great Job!

My lovely flat tire on the way up to the hike. No body could figure out how it got flat. But we got it changed, Thanks to all that helped!! :)

Beckette, Maddi, Sis. P., & Katherine eating lunch on a little island in the middle of the river after our hike.

A few Busy Weeks!! :D

We got to together with Jayna and Nate the other weekend for Eagle fun days. They came over with their two boys and we went to the Wet and Wild Parade down old State Street. Then we came back to our house and had lunch. The last part of our day we went over to the carnaval and had the kids ride a few rides. It was sdo much fun to hang out and visit!

Kimmy hugging one of the Mascots in the parade. She went to give him a high five and I don't think that he saw her, so he turned around, picked her up and gave her a big huge, and had one of the professional photographers take a picture. I curious to see if the picture will be in the up coming Eagle Days Magazine. Guess we'll find out. ;)

Ethan and Kimberly having a water fight :)

One of the rides at the carnaval, Can't miss the merry go'round!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Meeting up with some old friends. :)

I got in touch with Sandy, who I haven't spoke to since high school, so it's been 7-8 years since I've really hung out or even seen her. She got in touch with Haylee and we all met on Tuesday night at the 8th St Wine Co. (Don't worry peps, it wasn't a bar, ha believe me I had my worries at first too) It was soooo nice to see them it was like we had hung out just the other weekend. We had a good time visiting and catching up. Sandy is off to Grad School, and is moving to Boston in 7 days and Haylee is still in Boise working. Hopefully we will still be able to keep in touch, we've got facebook and myspace, so it will be easy to keep in touch that way. It was fun girls! So we're planning on another get together in a year, right? :) Good Luck Sandy, Hoping life is well for in Boston. You've got a great personality, are easy to talk to, beauitful, and you just have a way with people. Deep down you know that. Keep your head up high and you'll do well. Haylee knowing that your still in town we are definately going to have to get together! It was a fun night, I look forward to doing it again in a year or so!