Monday, April 28, 2008

Double Wedding!! All Right!!

Kimberly says, " Mommy she looks like a princess."Both brides were absolultly beautiful. Marci and Graycee say it all on their faces, they both were glowing brides. Lynn and Rex both are extermly happy as they adore their beautiful brides. It was a day full of joy, family and fun events.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Making Changes!

There have been a few changes here in the Purnell home in the last couple of weeks. For one we have put our home out on the market for sale andwe are hoping that it sales soon. So that means that we will be moving. We are planning to relocate to downtown Boise and move close to Boise State. Glen will be going to school full time and I will be going part time. We are going to be taking a 180 degree turn from what we were doing, Glen with his business and me with the daycare, but it's something that we feel like we need to do and were excite to do it. Let's just say we're ready to hit the ground running! :)