Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We hope that everyone had a Wonderful Christmas! Our Christmas was very nice. We started by having Christmas Eve dinner over at my parents house and had the family there for a Christmas Eve dinner as well as Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd, Aunt Mary, Grandma Maisey and Uncle Wade. After dinner and visting we came home and each of us opened one gift, which was PJ's. I was thinking that the kids would be sound asleep before we got home but nope they were wide awake and ready to open that one gift.They were so excited! Christmas morning we woke and I started a fire in the fire place, baked cinnamon rolls and then the kids woke up and the unwrapping began. Kimmi got dolls from Santa and Levi got a remote control car from Santa. Glen and Levi made Kimberly a bed for her dollies. After we were done opening presents we got ready and then went over to grandma and grandpa's for presents, a delicious brunch with coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls, bacon, meat pie, oranges and hot cocoa. We also got to talk to Stephen for a little bit and we got a suprise phone call from Glen's dad with Adam on the other line. We only got to pretty much say hi, Merry Christmas, we love you and bye, but it was so nice to talk to him as well. After visiting at my parents for a little while we came home. Glen went to go feed the horses, Kimmi and Levi played with their new toys and started to fix Christmas dinner while listening to the families new Christmas CD. We had Mom, Dad, Ann and Alex over for dinner and ate by a soft candle light. All I can say is that it felt like Christmas, I love that feeling! After dinner we all relaxed and watched a few movies. That is our christmas there are a LOT of Pictures so enjoy! Everyone in there new PJ's This is the bed the Glen and Levi madee for Kimberly. After they brought it Kimmi gave Levi a huge hug. My parents for all of the guys had them close their eyes while my mom brought out Boise State Hats for each one of them. The funny thing about these hats was that Boise State Logo lights up. So after the guys got their hats they all turn on the lights and pout them on. When you looked around the room you would see all of the guys with the Boise State logo flashing. It was hilarious, so Awesome! The salad bowls that we got for Donny and Ashley.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Activities

Kimmi and Levi visiting with Santa at our church's Ward Christmas party. This year we went with our friends Kara and Jason their kids, some of their friends and both of Kara and Jason's families came along as well, to the navitiy that the Eagle Idaho Stake puts on. The night that we went it was cold and foggy, but the fog gave it a special feel that night as we stopped to listen to the angles sing, and then walked to see Baby Jesus laying in a manger. After seeing the baby Jesus we had hot cocoa and then took a tractor pulled hay ride back up to the parking area. The next night I went again with my Mom , Ann, Abby, Alex and my kids. The kids loved it and keep asking me if we can go back and do it again and again. Kimi and I on a tractor pulled hay wagon ride . Glen and Levi Walking thru the city on Bethlehem to see baby Jesus. It was neat to go with our friends and family this year to the nativity.