Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happenings for the Year 2011... Challenger School

During the last few month in 2010 Glen and I had discussed putting Kimberly and Levi into preschool.  We decided that was what we were going to do so I started looking around the Eagle area to check on prices.  For some reason Challenger keep coming into my mind and so I decided that I would go and check out both of the campuses that they have here in the Treasure Valley.  I first went down to the Challenger off of Bloom and State Street and talked with Miss Lara there.  It was a very nice school and they had an excellent program.  I also checked out the school off of Chinden and Linder, but this time I was able to take the kids as well as Glen during school hours.  We were met by Miss Karen the Director at the school. There was something about Miss Karen that just stood out, it was like her contenance shone, seriously!  As we walked around she discussed with us what the students do during the day and the academic achievement that the children have that go there.  We were extremely impressed with the classroom structure and the way we saw the teachers interact with the students.  When you walk down the hallways you are able to look into the classroom through a double sided mirrored window with out disturbing the students or the teachers.  When we were there we saw all of the students completely engaged with the instruction of what the teacher was going over with her class. The art that was on the wall that was done by the three year class looked like art that was done by an eight or nine year.  In the preschool classroom they give the students recognition when the students know all of the alphabet including recognizing each letter and the sounds that they make, once the students have done this they get there alphabet crown.  They also give recognition for blending sounds, they celebrate half birthdays with a special get to know you sheet. The children also bring in pictures from home of baby pictures and photos of their families. The child go around the room saying what they like about each child and then the half birthday child gets to go and pick a prize from the chest box.  When they do this they invite the parents to come in to take pictures or record. It's a pretty neat experience for the kiddos and the parents.  Kimberly and Levi have had their half birthday celebrations. (Once I find my camera I'll post pictures)
Things that Kimberly and Levi have learned while they have been at Challenger is:
* They are starting to read
* Can do simple basic math, adding and subtracting, counting to 100
* They are learning some Spanish
* Their art skills are becoming more developed
* Writing Skills are improving
* Writing basic words as well as some complex words
These are just a few of the things that they are learning right now.  We are so glad that we made this discussion to have them to go Challenger School for preschool I really believe that it was something that they needed.  Before we enrolled them into preschool I remember talking to Kimberly and asking her of she was excited to go to Kindergarten in the fall, her response was, "No Mom...not really." I asked her why. She said, "Because I'm afraid that the other kids will be mean to me."  As a Mom hearing your little girl say this it just broke my heart and confirmed to me even more that the preschool experience will help her have a more smooth transition into kindergarten this fall.  Glen and I feel that this has been a positive experience so far that we are both extremely happy with. 
Kimberly and Levi are in the same class and so far it has been going great and they really enjoy going to class together.  Levi even has his first preschool girlfriend, "Savaya".  He is so cute during Valentines Day they were able to make a special Valentine for who ever they wanted to (Who do kids normally make the valentines for...? their parents or grandparents...right?) nope not Levi he made a special valentines day card just for Savaya and he was determined to give it to her and he did :) Just the other day at Suzie Q's Childcare he made Savaya a totem pole art project with glitter glue on it and he let me know that it was for Savaya and no one else.  Boy are we going to have to watch out!!
Kimberly is doing great! Today she came home with her blending badge and is going to start coming home with reading books.  That's a Great milestone!  As parents we couldn't be more happier for our children!

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Terah said...

That sounds great! I know a few people that have their kids there here in UT.I don't think we could handle the tuition, but it sure seems neat! How fun for them!